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Media coverage on Canadian being detained in Burma

By Canadian Friends of Burma – April 7, 2011

Ron Zakreski, 61 years- old Canadian from Vancouver Inland, was arrested by Burmese authorities near the Thai-Burma border town – Myawaddy – on Mar. 24. He is reported to be taking photographs of the location of a battle between ethnic rebel forces and the Burmese army when being arrested.

Initially reported by Thai-based Burmese news agency Irrawaddy with further reporting from other exiled Burmese media such as Mizzima and Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB), the news in Canada was finally brought up by Canadian wire services: Canadian Press, Postmedia and AFP Canada – on April 1. Newspapers across Canada have started reporting on the news since then. While more information is still required, Canadian diplomats in Bangkok are reportedly working to get access to him.

According to his siblings, he is a veteran traveler and from time to time works as a journalist and photographer. He is a psychologist by profession and a graduate of University of Saskatchewan.

Earlier this year, two photojournalists were also arrested by Thai authorities after crossing back from Burma to Thailand. Last year November, a Japanese photographer was also arrested in Myawaddy.

The porous border between Burma and Thailand allows adventurous journalists and foreigners easy access to conflict zones.  However, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada advises against all travel to areas along the border due to clashes between the military and armed ethnic groups.

Hearing Date for Detained Canadian Postponed
Irrawaddy - Thursday, Apr 7, 2011

Detained Canadian en route to Rangoon
Democratic Voice of Burma - Naw Noreen - ‎7 April 2011

Myanmar detains Canadian tourist
AFP - ‎Apr. 7, 2011

Myanmar 'likely to deport' detained Canadian
AFP - ‎Apr. 6, 2011

No News Not Good News for Family of Burma Jailed Man (Video news)
ATV - April 4, 2011

Canadian photographer in court
DVB - 4 April 2011 -

Canadian detained in Burma
The Province via Postmedia  - April 3, 2011

Former Victoria resident detained in Myanmar
Times Colonist – April 3, 2011

Canadian man taking photographs detained in Burma
Ottawa Citizen via Postmedia – April 2, 2011

Canadian man taking photographs detained in Burma
Vancouver Sun via Postmedia- April 2, 2011

Canadian detained in Burma
CBC via Canadian Press - Apr 1, 2011

Canadian detained in Burma after crossing from Thailand
CTV News via Canadian Press - Apr. 2, 2011

Canadian detained in Myanmar after crossing border from Thailand
680 News via Canadian Press - Apr 01, 2011

Canadian who illegally entered Burma to be prosecuted
The Mizzima News - Friday, 01 April 2011 19:29

Canadian Arrested in Myawaddy
The Irrawaddy News - Thursday, March 24, 2011

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