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What is Canadian Friends of Burma?

CFOB staffer, Board members and volumteers on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada

Canadian Friends of Burma (CFOB) is a federally incorporated, national non-governmental organization founded in 1991.

CFOB supports the Burma pro-democracy movement in the struggle for peace, democracy, human rights and equality in Burma. Our primary objectives are to raise awareness about the political, human rights and socio-economic situation in Burma and how it pertains to Canadians; to encourage Canadians to take action and to get involved.

CFOB coordinates campaigns and provides assistance to Burma solidarity groups in Canada and abroad, produces educational materials and monitors Canadian relations with Burma. CFOB maintains an on-going dialogue with the Canadian government with regard to federal policy on Burma.

CFOB maintains close links with Burmese exiles in Canada and internationally, including Burma's government in-exile, the student and labour movements, ethnic leaders, journalists, academics and the entire international movement for democracy in Burma. In addition, as much as possible, CFOB acts as a clearinghouse of information about Burma's pro-democracy movement in Canada and works with the Burmese community in Canada.

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How Can You Help?

VOLUNTEERS CFOB is currently looking for volunteers to help the struggle for human rights and democracy in Burma.

Volunteers can assist with campaigns, public awareness initiatives, media, research, lobbying,boycotts, fundraising, demonstrations and more.

Please for more information.

DONATIONS- are essential to the continuation of CFOB's important work.

Please provide us with any assistance possible to help us continue to raise awareness to issues facing Burma.